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No, no, I’m not standing for election. Although I kind of wish I was. (As a side point, if you are wondering who you should vote for then it’s worth noting that under the current government working-single-mums are set to become the most impoverished group in the UK). But that’s not really why I got you all here, honestly. No. This is for MUCH more selfish reasons.

It’s blog award time again. I had (sort of) decided this year I wasn’t going to ask for votes. I’ve been feeling disheartened with life lately and blogging/ writing has felt like another thing I’m failing at. But despite that I can’t deny I wouldn’t love a bit of recognition. I’ve put my heart and soul into some of the pieces I’ve written here like on psychosisdivorce and not being able to control my own child. I know these posts have helped others feel less alone and I hope my blog can continue to do that. But you know what, I’m a sucker for recognition and appreciation. There I said it. So, if you do like my writing I’d love a bit of love in return by voting for me on the blog awards. I’ve even included some links below to make it super simple.

Bibs blogging awards form is here. I’d love a vote for ‘Family and Lifestyle’ – OK so I’m a little light on the lifestyle part – unless it’s all about poo in the bath tub and breadcrumbs for dinner – but I hope I’m helping to reframe what family means and show that us solo/single parents are families no more or no less than any other family format.
If you’re looking for some posts which you might want to mention here are some of my more popular ones….
There’s plenty more to pick from if these aren’t amongst your faves though. Here’s my most popular ones, or pick your own favourite.
Thanks for reading and big thanks to anyone who does choose to vote for me and my blog.
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