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Hi! I’m Ella Davis – I have another name too but for the purposes of this blog that’s my writing name 😉 I’m a thirty-something year old single mum to a lively three year old. Ellamental Mama is an alternative single mum blog where I give a raw and honest account of the trials and tribulations so many of us single mums go through, but rarely talk about. I try to find the positive in what are very hard experiences of divorce and mental health challenges. For me, single parenting is both a challenge and an amazing experience. I hope this blog helps to raise the voice of single mums and how we, as friends and family, can help single mums and others struggling with big life challenges like depression and divorce.

I cover lots of varied topics, mainly connected to parenting and life as a single mum but I hope they are relevant to a much wider audience too. You can check out the ‘categories’ menu on your right to see what I’ve written about. Topics include: single motherhood, mental health, breastfeeding, feminism, travel, refugees and toddlers and their funny, sleep depriving ways. My posts are rather eclectic, somewhat like me! I’ve had some really positive feedback which I love and keeps me going even when it seems like no-one is listening to my outpourings.

Cash Carraway, Writer & Performer, “Absolutely amazing. Amazing. One of the best things I’ve read in a long time. You need a book! I’m sorry that was your life, but the way you told it…wow.” on When Your Husband Suffers Psychosis.

F, love your blogs, “Love your blogs.”

H, single mum, “Hi! Just wanna say a HUGE THANK YOU.”

N, Single mum to a toddler, “I’ve wanted to message you for a while now, but couldn’t quite find the words to write. But I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for helping me feel that I’m not alone, thank you for giving me perspective and thank you for sharing your experiences on your journey as a single mother.”

I hope my blog name reflects me (Ella) and my back to basics parenting approach – no fancy theories, no frills, just getting on and doing it! If you like what you read come over and like me on Ellamental Mama’s facebook page. You can also follow me on twitter @EllamentalMama or contact me here. If you want to read more, take a look through my most popular posts.

Thanks for popping by and enjoy the read.

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