Planning Your Second Round Of Fertility Treatment

It was supposed to be a lovely day. With expectations like that I guess it can only go wrong.

We were having a day out – me, the boy and nanny. As always, it started with us running for the bus. We were going to see a ‘first ballet show’, I wanted my son to see that men also do ballet (he’s the only boy in his class) and nanny wanted to treat him (thanks nanny). The walk from the bus was the start of the disaster, little one was screaming for a carry. We also had a suitcase and scooter to deal with. The show itself was lovely. The meltdown as we tried to get out afterwards, not so much. After another joyous bus ride we looked for a pub to grab some lunch before I headed to my appointment with the fertility consultant. By the time we found a place we could have lunch we were all screaming at each other. Some chips and a burger later there were apologies all round and off I went.

By the time I left the hospital I felt very despondent. The consultant told me in no uncertain terms that I was getting older. My eggs were getting less fertile and as fast as they were losing chromosomes, I was losing hope.
The one benefit of having a no-holds barred overview of your fertility from an expert is that it makes the ‘what next’ decision easier.  Stimulated IUI it was then. And if that failed it might have to be straight to IVF.
I headed home feeling glum. My shopping list for the week had just expanded:
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  1. Following your journey and i pray it works fpr you xxx

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