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“I had to message as I read all of your posts and every one makes me cry as they are all so spot on to how I am feeling. I can’t write as eloquently as you can but if I could I really would be writing exactly what you write.” A, single mum.

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Here’s some endorsements I’ve received from the most critical of readers – other solo mums. That’s who it’s all about after all.

I’m really enjoying your blog – you are so honest!…it’s an inspiration to me!” T, single mum, on Everyone Hates Me.


“So glad I found your blog. When I read your posts I feel like it’s my own thoughts.” B, single mum, on When Co-parenting Fails.


“I’ve just read your blog post on depression and I want to say you have moved me to tears. I too was recently diagnosed and given meds and your words describe so perfectly how I feel on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing so openly” L, on My Depression Diagnosis.