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“It is amazing. You’ve written it all so well and although I’m just so, so sorry for this hell you have been through I think that this might mean so much to those going through this and it’s an incredible story of love, real love, which finds both the strength to keep caring and the strength to know when to say, no more.” on When Your Husband Suffers Psychosis. Abigail Oborne of Like Real Life.

I’m a writer at heart and I run this blog as my passion. However, passion doesn’t pay the bills and I’m open to collaborations that are within the focus of my blog. I’m very keen to work with other writers on creative collaborations too. If you have a guest post you’d like to feature on Ellamental Mama, or you are interested in a guest post from me, please do get in touch. I’ve written for Scary Mommy, The Mighty, Parent.Co and the Huffington Post. I’ve also been featured in the magazine Blogosphere.

If you want to advertise on my blog or are interested in me reviewing your products then I’m open to ideas, again please just get in touch. I will always make it clear where I have been paid or received compensation for posts.

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